core-valuesSafety, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence

SmartNet Developments Inc. is committed to our core values:


SmartNet Developments Inc. belief in health & safety demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that safety is the first priority for all of the projects we undertake.  Safety it’s not just a program at SmartNet Developments Inc. it is an inherent part of our corporate culture.  Managing safety is the responsibility of everyone in the organization from our frontline employees to our President.


At SmartNet Developments Inc. it is fundamental to conduct ourselves with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible. We strive to be open, honest and transparent in all of our dealings while continuously maintaining our integrity. Our personnel demonstrate and reinforce our corporate culture of consistency in standards, processes, principles and expectations.


teamworkSmartNet Developments Inc. recognizes that successful teamwork is achieved when individuals listen, question, respect, and communicate. We support ambitious and creative minds within our teams at all levels of our organization.  The SmartNet Developments Inc. team includes our suppliers, clients, and the communities that we live, work and play in. Our most important asset, our people are a fundamental base to our business.


excellenceSmartNet Developments Inc. is committed to continuously improving all aspects of our services to achieve continued excellence in our business.

We strive to deliver conscious, personalized service with attention to detail, and will persistently create effective processes to meet challenging deadlines. Our personnel exhibit professionalism, competence and diligence with a service centered attitude.


Integrated Management System

SmartNet Developments Integrated Management System (IMS) is adhered to strictly to meet our client and internal requirements.  Our IMS meets the intent of  the ISO 9001 Quality standard and complies with all jurisdictional legislation’s.

We believe that non conformance’s can be prevented through proper training, effective communication, supervision, and adherence to procedures and safe work practices.

SmartNet Developments Quality Program is applied consistently at all our worksites across Ontario. Senior management monitor the progress of all Quality related activities and provide the guidance for continuous improvement to the program.

Auditing is conducted annually on the Quality system and best practices enable us to focus on leading indicators that will continuously drive improvements